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With Subscription Manager, you will:

  • Streamline your subscriptions
  • Retain subscribers
  • Manage capacity
  • Calculate yield
  • Grow sales as you scale


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Subscription Manager gives you complete control over your subscriptions business by streamlining your entire process.

Subscription Manager provides you with complete control over your subscriptions. Renew subscriptions, monitor and record payments and quickly and easily track your liability. Subscriptions Manager keeps you on top of subscription sales, renewals and payments, with subscriptions inventory, subscriber and circulation management, plus integrated CRM and accounts modules.

Subscriptions Manager streamlines the subscriptions management process for paid and free publications by providing visibility over your subscriptions inventory, automating renewals, client communication and accounts, in one convenient place.

Subscriptions Manager aims to help you increase your sales, improve your efficiency, and ultimately increase your cashflow.

- Optimise your subscriptions renewal process, with renewal letters, scheduled reminders and link automated payments with your payment gateway.

- Increase revenue by integrating Subscriptions Manager with your website for easy online purchases and renewals.

- Improve your dispatching process with greater visibility over subscriber activity.

- Monitor and record payments and easily track lapsed subscribers.

- Subscriptions Manager brings several modules together in one place for quick access to your accounts, sales, design and customer management, which you can tailor to your needs.

- Integrates with Account Manager so you can for increased cashflow, financial projections, analysis and reporting.

- Integrates with Contacts Manager for greater flexibility for managing subscribers, publication dispatch and communications.

How Subscription Manager gives you visibility over sales, capacity and cashflow

Subscription system tailored to increase Subscriptions sales
  • Central database of subscriptions, searchable by publication, date, circulation, subscriber’s name…
  • Live dashboard of KPIs to keep subscriptions sales and renewals on track and pipelines flowing
  • Contact expired subscribers from a central system and track response rates/ purchases
  • Renewal date alerts to proactively forecast your income and manage your cashflow
Improve your Subscriptions revenue
  • SubMan integrates with your website, making subscribing to your magazines and publications easier
  • Online subscriptions can be linked directly to Contacts Manager or your CRM
  • Manage capacity, track subscriptions renewals and send automated renewal confirmations
  • Placing an order and sending confirmation takes less than a minute!
Customer communication is easier with dynamic CRM, Contacts Manager
  • Interactive database tailored to the subscriptions industry
  • Dynamic CRM for improved customer communication

    - Timeline of all customer communications including email, SMS

    - Mass mailing via email and SMS for promotions and alerts

    - Email integration with Adestra and Mailchimp

  • Full search facility for customers and contacts

    Create notes/actions/asks against customers/prospects

    Notifications of important events

Integrate Accounts Manager module with standard accounting programmes
  • Runs alongside your accounting system for detailed analysis

    - Choose from 250 reports or tailor your own and automate as needed

    - Export invoices and reports to external accounting system

    - Integration with Sage, Pegasus, Exchequer, Xero, MYOB, Open Accounts, Quickbooks, and Creditsafe

  • Subscriptions analysis reporting

    - Identifies discounts, revenue and yields by sales person, publication, client… so you can make informed decisions

Hear from publishing companies who are benefiting from our systems

We have been delighted with the PSC system which has proven to be extremely reliable and most useful, I could not do without it now!

Furthermore the help and technical support provided from installation to the present time has been outstanding, I have found there is always someone at hand to deal with my queries at any time.

Terry Stafford - TLM

We moved from using a combination of Excel spreadsheets and Sage Accounts into using PSC for all our invoicing and this has saved a huge amount of inputting with the potential for errors etc.

A simple output of two CSV files each time we run batches of invoices means that Sage can be brought swiftly up-to-date, saving much time and improving accuracy.

Brian Whitehead - Arts Professional

Since using PSC we are able to manage everything from one location, I can see all of the sales prospects, customers and activity.

It allows me to keep better track of everything that is going on and much easier than before. The time spent on the accounts has been significantly reduced because we can now link to Sage rather than transcribing everything into Sage

Craig Lewis - Stream Publishing Ltd

I chose PSC’s Advertising Manager, to bring the magazine and online advertising bookings, invoicing and production, into one central location.

Unlike some other advertising software solutions I’d considered at the time, the PSC ‘package’ was uncomplicated, user friendly and the unlimited telephone, email and remote support from PSC’s very friendly and dedicated support team was invaluable at the setup.

Julian Oiller - Slimming World

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