Proudly supporting publishing andsales managers for over 30 years

We’ve been helping magazine publishers to gain more control over their company enabling them to sell more and grow their business for over 30 years...

We understand the challenges magazine publishers face with day to day juggling of the various and numerous stages of their business process and our software has been developed alongside them, to solve these challenges.

Our 30-year history...


Recording system for advertising sales developed?


Advertising Manager platform launched as a product?


Accounts Manager module launched?


Launch of Subscription Manager


Added on Contact Manager CRM


Events & Exhibitions Manager launched


Flat Plan Manager module


Emailing directly from the system


Link with MailChimp and other emailing systems


Steph Joined


Electronic signatures through the system


Automatically chasing copy


Automatic reporting


Launch of new Brand and website

We have brought all the information and processes you need into one central location, and we believe that our software will transform the way you manage your business:

  • Sales can access prospects and customers, and make bookings
  • Production can chase copy
  • Accounts can raise all invoices within a few clicks, put companies on hold and record payments
  • Managers can see vital sales information in 1000s of different customisable reports
  • Manage an unlimited number of titles and issues - even website advertising – across international currencies
  • Software is available locally or hosted in the cloud - aligned with current Hybrid working policies with permissions settings

Realising managers in the subscriptions and exhibitions sectors were facing similar challenges, we branched out and adapted our software to suit…

Discover more about Subscriptions Manager

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Discover more about Exhibition Manager

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The Human touch

We pride ourselves on the ‘old school’ approach to customer service and when you call our support line, you will reach a human!

We prefer to provide support and solve user challenges and queriers by phone – we get to the nub of the problem quicker and with our remote access facility, we can demonstrate the solution directly with the caller.

Constant Improvement

We developed AdMan in response to challenges faced by our magazine publishing contacts and from that, were born Subscriptions Manager and Exhibitions Manager, as we realised similar problems existed in these sectors. – If we are using the shortened version AdMan can we shorten the others so it’s consistent?

Even now, we continue to tweak and improve our software, as queries are raised and as demands in the publishing and exhibition sectors evolve. We therefore warmly welcome suggestions from our customers for new features and solutions.

Service matters to us

We pride ourselves on the service we provide, ensuring that whenever you need our help there is always someone there to answer your call - a human, no less!

We are that confident in our software and service that you can call anyone of our customers, and we are certain they will give us a glowing review.


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If you have a suggestion for improvement, please contact us directly – we’d love to hear from you.

Hear from publishing companies who are benefiting from our systems

We have been delighted with the PSC system which has proven to be extremely reliable and most useful, I could not do without it now!

Furthermore the help and technical support provided from installation to the present time has been outstanding, I have found there is always someone at hand to deal with my queries at any time.

Terry Stafford - TLM

We moved from using a combination of Excel spreadsheets and Sage Accounts into using PSC for all our invoicing and this has saved a huge amount of inputting with the potential for errors etc.

A simple output of two CSV files each time we run batches of invoices means that Sage can be brought swiftly up-to-date, saving much time and improving accuracy.

Brian Whitehead - Arts Professional

Since using PSC we are able to manage everything from one location, I can see all of the sales prospects, customers and activity.

It allows me to keep better track of everything that is going on and much easier than before. The time spent on the accounts has been significantly reduced because we can now link to Sage rather than transcribing everything into Sage

Craig Lewis - Stream Publishing Ltd

I chose PSC’s Advertising Manager, to bring the magazine and online advertising bookings, invoicing and production, into one central location.

Unlike some other advertising software solutions I’d considered at the time, the PSC ‘package’ was uncomplicated, user friendly and the unlimited telephone, email and remote support from PSC’s very friendly and dedicated support team was invaluable at the setup.

Julian Oiller - Slimming World

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