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15 January 2018

Basic GDPR

You all have data whether that’s a list of potential advertisers or your subscription lists. You’ve probably been hearing about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) a lot r...

06 January 2017

Revolutionise the way you handle subscribers with PSC

The Publishing Software Company often known as PSC has recently launched new features to revolutionise the way you handle subscribers.

11 November 2016

Finding the time to grow

To slightly misquote Thomas Edison, growth is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. In short, you’ve got to put the hours in, but what happens if you’re ...

09 July 2016

Mark Allen Group acquires conference business

MA Business (MAB), part of the Mark Allen Group (MAG), completed its acquisition of three clusters of international conferences from London-based Industry Dynamics, last week.

28 November 2013

Publishing Software Company Launches The Adestra Link

The Publishing Software Company (PSC), specialists in producing computer software for the magazine publishing industry, has launched the Adestra Link that allows you to select i...

27 November 2013

Sales double as Midlands tool takes pain out of publishing

A key factor in the growth of successful magazines – converting newsstand purchases to subscriptions – is being helped by a user-friendly Midlands software tool for managing sal...