A CRM system needs to work to your company’s advantage, not be a hindrance, so you need to make sure you are getting the most out of your system.

Firstly, make sure all of your sales members are making comprehensive notes when dealing with prospect clients. This will aid communications better the next time someone goes to speak to that same contact.

Also, if your system has the capability, use a reminder feature to track what needs to be done. Set yourself tasks to call clients or chase an email; an alarm or calendar system can work massively in your favour allowing you to keep on top of your work load and make sure everything is completed to its deadline.

You should also try to segment your contacts, you will then be able to manage them more easily. For example, segment all contacts that have requested more information about your services, this way, when you have mailshots to go out, you can include all of those contacts quickly, without having to manually go through each one. You should also mark contacts that are no longer interested in your services, or contacts that have converted into customers. Your contacts will then be segmented into easily identifiable groups for you to act on.

The main point to using your CRM effectively is to ensure it is maintained by all staff. It must be cleansed of old contacts or old companies, and new ones should be added properly in a similar fashion to the existing ones, this will make using the system much easier for everybody, therefore saving time and money.