The Publishing Software Company (PSC), specialists in producing computer software for the magazine publishing industry, has launched the Adestra Link that allows you to select individuals from your prospects and customers in your PSC contact manager database and seamlessly send them to an Adestra campaign.

The Link works in the background automatically adding all your contacts to the Adestra core list. After you have sent your e-mails Adestra then makes available the list of email address where an email could not be delivered this is used to automatically update your contacts information so that you will see a message the next time you alter a contact.

The Publishing Software Company, based in the Midlands, provides computer programs that are specifically written for magazine publishers and works with publishing companies worldwide covering almost every area of a magazine publishers business from prospecting, ad sales, editorial, invoicing, circulation and subscription to flatplanning.

PSC’s Ad Management program (Adman) is used by thousands of monthly titles in the UK, Europe, Far East, Middle East and North America. It is widely regarded, deceptively powerful, comprehensive and above all easy to use so that training time for a sales person takes less than an hour.

Laurence Cope, managing director of the Publishing Software Company, said

PSC’s programs consist of a number of inter-connected programs which includes solutions for advertising sales order entry, contact management (CRM), accounting, subscription and controlled circulation management and flatplanning. Whether you are searching for key account information, monitoring sales performance, copy chasing, invoicing, analysing trends or managing workflow, PSC’s programs ensure increased productivity through shared information which can be tailored to each individual so that for example sales, accounts, production and management can only see and or change what they need to do their jobs.

The Publishing Software Company’s aim is to help reduce the cost of managing the workflow of a magazine publishing business with a flexible range of inter-connecting programs that eliminates mistakes and duplication, improves communication by giving everyone a view of the shared information that they need, adds speed, and ensures accuracy together with flexible security which you tailor to each individual user, ensuring that each user can only see and alter what you want them to, The Publishing Software Company programs help you to reduce your costs and increases sales volume through the use of shared information.

For further information or a demonstration please contact Publishing Software Company on +44 (0) 203 157 4044