The Publishing Software Company often known as PSC, specialists in computer software that’s been specifically written for the magazine publishing industry, has recently launched its new website.

PSC are experts at helping publishers streamline their business enabling them to accept more business without increasing their work force to earn more profit. The programs supplied to their clients are already managing more than 1,000 publications and invoices in excess of £25 million are emailed every month.

The new site is a showcase for PSC’s new products and services. Laurence Cope, Managing Director, PSC said, “We have made significant investments in our cloud service over recent years to add to our already impressive portfolio of products.”

PSC’s cloud based solution lets you manage your information from wherever and on whatever device you choose 24/7. The programs come complete with a whole host of features to save you time for example validation of all European VAT numbers, email address validation, raising a whole issues worth of invoices at the press of a couple of buttons. The system comes with stunning features including the link to clients’ accounting package which includes Pegasus, Sage, MYOB, Exchequer and Open Accounts. It also incorporates multiple languages so each user can use the program in their native language, unlimited currencies, remote access support and free updates.

PSC aims to help their clients in reducing the cost of handling a magazine publishing company’s workflow with an adjustable variety of inter-connecting programs which will be helpful in the elimination of duplication and mistakes. They also want to enhance the communication by providing everyone the view of shared details they require, adds pace and assures accuracy along with flexible protection that you can modify for every user. Aside from reducing the cost, PSC also desires to help publishers increase their sales volume by using shared information.

For more information please visit or call 0203 157 4044.

To get more information about PSC, please feel free to visit them at For enquiries, please call them at 0203-157-4044 or send an email to

The programs were originally written in 1988 and since 1996 have been managed by Laurence Cope. Laurence enjoys helping other people and providing them the most efficient to program he can. For the last 30+ years Laurence has been involved in IT within the media industry and has brought his extensive programming knowledge to PSC; together the team of intelligent professionals has a collective 60 years worth of experience. PSC’s ultimate aim is to help their clients with everything to do with managing a publishing business.

Contact: Laurence Cope
Company: PSC
Telephone Number: 0203-157-4044