Subscription Manager

Whether running as a fully operational stand-alone package or integrated with our other programs, Subscription Manager provides managability across an unlimited range of Publications.


Subscription Manager provides the key to good Subscription Management by being able to monitor the success of marketing campaigns and to assist you in retaining subscribers after the expiry of the initial subscription, whilst being user-friendly and flexible enough to suit your Company's requirements.


All of the Publishing Software Company's software whether run in the cloud or locally come with sophisticated security control so that you can control which user is allowed to view, access and or change your data.

It's as easy as this!




  • Renew Subscriptions
  • Payment Management
  • Automatic Renewals
  • Renewal Letters
  • Lapsed Letters
  • Export .csv for Mailing Out
  • Reports
  • Analysis
  • Unlimited number of publications at no extra cost


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