Exhibition Manager

Exhibition Manager offers you an easy to use, adaptable flexible exhibition management and event system which integrates with Contact Manager for even greater flexibility for managing Prospects and Exhibitors.


From Exhibition Setup, allowing bookings by Stand Number, Space or Location, to Rate Schedule, Additional Costs, Delegates, Seats, Tables and ultimately to Catalogues, Exhibition Manager offers you an user friendly system.


Exhibition Manager will save you time and keep all of your bookings in one central location.


An extensive range of pre-set and customisable reports are made available to ensure up-to-date information from Catalogue entries to Analysis by Account Manager.


All of the Publishing Software Company's software whether run in the cloud or locally come with sophisticated security control so that you can control which user is allowed to view, access and or change your data.


It's as easy as this!

exhibition process flow


  • ss2-admanSell more space
  • Accelerate productivity
  • Never sell a space twice
  • Make informed decisions
  • Split billing into percentages with deadlines
  • Invoice an entire exhibition within a few clicks
  • Increase cashflow


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