ContactManager is a truly paperless system for the automatic control of all your prospects and customers from one central location. Never miss an appointment, call, email or the chance to rebook a series booking with the inbuilt appointment planner, a reminder system and searching functions.


I have all of my clients past buying history at my fingertips making it easier for me to sell to them again. – John Payten, RINA


PSC is linked with Adestra to enable you to select individuals from your prospects and customers in your PSC contact manager database and seamlessly send them to an Adestra email marketing campaign.


"Our bad debts have gone down as our confirmation notes are emailed from the system and are electronically signed by our customers" Renee, Cabbell


Best of all our Customer Relationship Management Software is part of our Advertising Manager which enables your ad managers to enter ad bookings with a minimum of keystrokes, the whole process from first contact with the advertiser and entering the ad booking to emailing the confirmation note takes only 2 minutes.


It's as easy as this!


  • ss2-admanProvide better customer service
  • Nurture leads
  • Gain more customers
  • Better prospect relationships
  • Provide a personalise service
  • Accelerate sales pipeline


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