Flatplan Manager

Flatplan Manager is used in conjunction with Publishing Software Company’s Advertising Manager.  So that when your sales people put the ads in to an issue not only are they able to email confirmation notes and invoice they are also immediately available to be placed on to your flatplan thereby eliminating last minute mistakes.


Flatplan Manger can manage any size ad and all pages can be categorised so you can see the features and special positions you can additionally create editorial and if you wish you can display the graphics for all the ads and editorial as well.


All of the Publishing Software Company's software whether run in the cloud or locally come with sophisticated security control so that you can control which user is allowed to view, access and or change your data.

It's as easy as this!




  • Feature
  • Ad-hoc Design
  • Print Pages
  • Switch Pages
  • Reserve Pages
  • Display Graphics


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