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We have found PSC / Ad Manager extremely easy to use. With only rudimentary training required at the outset we have been able to use the system in reasonably sophisticated ways including the management of a twice-yearly listings directory which had an online component and required synchronising.


As a micro-business in a niche sector, PSC / Ad Manager is probably more sophisticated in terms of its total array of functionality than we require. However, we so use some aspects of that sophistication and the system is both easy to configure and use with minimal training.

Time saving

We moved from using a combination of Excel spreadsheets and Sage Accounts into using PSC / Ad Manager for all our invoicing and this has saved a huge amount of inputting with the potential for errors etc. A simple output of two CSV files each time we run batches of invoices means that Sage can be brought swiftly up-to-date, saving much time and improving accuracy. Additionally, the fact relatively junior staff can complete this exercise means that tasks can be spread around the team effectively. The production process management has also proved useful when we have had large volumes of advertising to deal with, all at different stages of completion.

Efficiencies brought to your business

Production process management, invoicing (including use of the option to email batches of invoices), the ease of over-riding transactions when required, creation and distribution of confirmation notes, financial reporting, system set-up have all meant that our business operates effectively and PSC / Ad Manager simply sits in the background doing its work with very little fuss and only a rare requirement for support calls. PSC / Ad Manager has so many output options and for an Excel geek, the output to CSV or Excel has been a Godsend.

Past experiences / problems before

Prior to PSC / Ad Manager, we used a system of Excel spreadsheets and Sage Accounts. Whilst these did not cause problems as such, they were time-consuming and errors in data entry and double-entry were an issue. The main reason for switching to PSC / Ad Manager initially was the way we were able to configure it to work with our online and print services directory, synchronising entries between the website and PSC / Ad Manager, sending out listing renewals to our clients and invoicing them as they confirmed their renewals. We were unable to manage this effectively prior to the installation of PSC / Ad Manager.

Problems it solved for you

As above the main issue we sought PSC / Ad Manager to solve was the management of our online and printed services directory. This was the over-riding job and it handled it extremely effectively.

Cost reductions as a result

There have been no obvious cost savings to us, but this was not the purpose of the investment at the outset.

Support PSC offer

Excellent and immediate response. While being a small business, Laurence is invariably on hand to give whatever support or advice, training etc is required. Even when not immediately available, we have never waited more than a few minutes to receive a call-back or email responding to any enquiry. Additionally, Laurence always adds value to any interaction: a problem is fixed or some instant training delivered, and before the end of the call, Laurence will have offered some additional, often unrelated, tip or advice on some aspect of PSC / Ad Manager which had not specifically been sought. A great way to both seek product feedback from clients and for clients to develop their skills and ideas. Laurence has always been hugely supportive (often with practical assistance) of our small business as we have gone through the typical ups and downs of a micro-enterprise.


The system seems to be highly reliable – as is the support. It is very stable, hence support calls are rare and more often than not, related to an error we have made, or some training required or lack of knowledge on our part.


The system is flexible and seems adaptable to all the circumstances we have thrown at it to date.

Brian Whitehead, Director, Arts Intelligence Limited
Publisher, ArtsProfessional Magazine

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