Managing your company subscriptions can be a tricky task, there are lots of aspects to consider, including; renewing subscriptions, contacting expired subscribers, dispatching issues, dispatching back issues, upselling to subscribers, adding new subscriptions and many others.

Organising these many tasks can be a bit of a juggling act, but it can be made easier if you know how. For starters, you should manage all of your subscriptions in one central location, whether that be a piece of software or a spreadsheet, you should try to keep them altogether. This makes things easier for you when you need to take action, for example, renewing expired subscriptions. It will be much harder to perform this task if you have lists of subscriptions in lots of different places.

You should also make use of the available technology and allow people to subscribe to your magazines online. If you have a system in place, your online subscriptions may even filter straight through into your database, reducing the need for manual entry and allowing you to focus on other tasks.