In any publishing business, it is critical that you sell as much space as possible. The sales team need lots of information at their fingertips in order to contact the right people and get sales. One way to try and increase sales is to make sure all company contact details are up to date and in one central location for people to access as easily as possible. This makes the sales process more efficient and easier for the sales person.

Another really useful tool is to be able to see customer buying trends. For example, you could look at which customer featured in last January’s issue, and which of them aren’t yet booked into this January’s issue, allowing you to contact them to see if they’d like to re-book.

You could also look at trends to highlight times where sales dip, allowing you to plan ahead and try to increase the sales during that time. The most important thing when increasing sales is ensuring sales people have copious amounts of time to make the necessary calls and visits to customers. These things cannot be rushed, so the more time they have, the better.