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Transforming the way you manage your magazines or events

Advertising Manager

Streamlining your ad management process could be the key to unlocking your growth potential.

Contact Manager

Eliminate errors through managing your customers and prospects from one central location.

Account Manager

Simplify invoice runs by raising all invoices for an entire issue in just three clicks.

FlatPlan Manager

Your entire team, including designers, can see exactly what space is left to sell at the same time.

Subscription Manager

Have complete control over your subscribers and circulation requirements including unfulfilled liability.

Exhibition Manager

Manage your exhibition by being able to sell by Stand Number, Space or Location, to Delegates and Tables.

Helping You Grow!

We believe that our advertising management software will transform the way you manage your magazines or events and we are there every step of the way.

When we started using PSC we had 6 members of staff, a few titles and a small office in Battersea. Now we have over 200 members of staff in the UK, over 40 titles and offices in London, Melbourne, New York, Atlanta, Brazil, China and Singapore.” – Simon Leslie, INK Publishing

Everything you need in one central location, sales can access prospects and customers, make bookings, production can chase copy, accounts can raise all invoices within a few clicks, put companies on hold and record payments, managers can see vital sales information in 1000’s of different customisable reports.


PSC’s products are built by industry experts to support ad sales best practices. Collaboration is key — both with our customers and our products.

Improve Processes

Everything we do to improve our products is focused on helping our customers to drive increased sales and streamline their sales process.

Increase ROI

We deliver a massive return on investment. It is the reason we would let you call any one of our customers so they can praise our products and team.

Advertising Manager

Advertising Manager provides accurate, easily accessible information ensuring that you and your advertising sales managers have all the information they require at their fingertips. Save time and ensure you get copy on time by emailing everyone that is awaiting copy in three clicks.

Contact Manager

Eliminate errors through contact and order details only needing to be keyed once only; save time through emailing order forms with electronic signatures within a minute. You’ll know exactly where you are with status reports to highlight the outstanding order forms or advertising copy you’re waiting for and keep track of sales with real time dashboards.

Account Manager

Raise and send all invoices for an entire issue within a couple of clicks. The system integrates with all the popular accounts packages like Sage, Xero and many others making invoice runs a little more onerous than pushing a button.

FlatPlan Manager

Quickly and easily layout your magazine so you can see what space you have left to sell. Your whole team can see the same FlatPlan in real time thereby eliminating last minute mistakes. Flatplan Manger can manage any size ad and all pages can be categorised so you can see the features and special positions you can additionally create editorial and if you wish you can display the graphics for all the ads and editorial as well.

Exhibition Manager

Organise your event bookings in one central location with the ability to allow bookings by Stand Number, Space or Location. Manage Rate Schedule, Additional Costs, Delegates, Seats, Tables and Catalogues. Exhibition Manager is ideal for managing your event from start to finish.

Subscription Manager

Provide good subscription management by being able to easily renew subscriptions, automatically renew, monitor and record payments and easily track your liability. You are able to quickly send renewal emails and lapsed emails. Your website can link to PSC so that subscribers can sign up online and then these are seamlessly entered into your database and added to the dispatch file.

Our Clients

What They Say About PSC

Craig Lewis - Stream Publishing Ltd

Since using PSC we are able to manage everything from one location, I can see all of the sales prospects, customers and activity. It allows me to keep better
track of everything that is going on and much easier than before. The time spent on the accounts has been significantly reduced because we can now link to Sage
rather than transcribing everything into Sage.

Brian Whitehead - Arts Professional

"We moved from using a combination of Excel spreadsheets and Sage Accounts into using PSC for all our invoicing and this has saved a huge amount of inputting with the potential for errors etc. A simple output of two CSV files each time we run batches of invoices means that Sage can be brought swiftly up-to-date, saving much time and improving accuracy."

Julian Oiller - Slimming World

"I chose PSC’s Advertising Manager, to bring the magazine and online advertising bookings, invoicing and production, into one central location. Unlike some other advertising software solutions I’d considered at the time, the PSC ‘package’ was uncomplicated, user friendly and the unlimited telephone, email and remote support from PSC’s very friendly and dedicated support team was invaluable at the setup."

Terry Stafford - TLM

“ We have been delighted with the PSC system which has proven to be extremely reliable and most useful, I could not do without it now! Furthermore the help and technical support provided from installation to the present time has been outstanding, I have found there is always someone at hand to deal with my queries at any time.”

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